You lead me down, to the ocean (2018)
Video installation, two-channel, 16min

In the video installation You lead me down, to the ocean, we are presented with underwater scenes of military tanks that were originally acquired by the Thai Army for use in the border dispute with Cambodia since 2008. Once vehicles of conflict, they were subsequently scrapped to create an artificial reef in the sea off the Narathiwat Province in southern Thailand for tourist divers. The liveliness of marine life contrasts sharply with these submerged tanks, which appear motionless and trapped in the currents of time. Accompanying the main projection is a second video and a book, composed of extracts from found letters between Thai soldiers fighting in Vietnam in the late 1960s and their loved ones back home. In collecting and animating these documents, the work attempts to give voice back to those whose lives were directly and indirectly affected by the event of war. Taken together, Hengsapkul’s work opens up a space between two histories and invites us to bear witness to the complexity of his country’s military past and present.

Artist will be featured in the talk Animating Surfaces on 11 January. Please click on link for more details.

Artist Biography
Tada Hengsapkul is a Bangkok-based artist whose practice is often concerned with investigating various forms of control and resistance — at the level of the body, the collective, and society. Click to read more He is known for his photographic and video works, which often challenged the representation of youth culture. Trained in photography at Bangkok’s Pohchang Academy of Arts, Tada has been exhibiting in Thailand since 2009, and internationally since 2011. His recent exhibitions include The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2018), The Shards Would Shatter at Touch (Cartel Artspace, Bangkok, 2017), The Things That Take Us Apart (Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, 2017) and Under the Same Sky (Nova Contemporary, Bangkok, 2016). Read Less