Pillows (2020)
Video, three-channel
16mm transferred to digital video, 30 mins
New commission
Edit, cuttings (2018)
Washed and collaged newspaper, conservation tape

Pillows is a new moving image work commissioned for Rushes Of Time. It develops research undertaken during the artist’s residency in Singapore, during which she traveled to Cambodia to shoot 16mm footage of a spectrum of publishing practices. The work responds to a brief moment of the film which captured a print worker taking a nap on a pile of books he was working on. The visuals themselves are generated using found newspaper content. The clippings of images are overlaid in the printing press to create a kind of print equivalent of a double-exposure, a common filmic trope often used to show a dream-like state.

Pillows is an abstract homage to this worker napping during his lunch break. It continues a series of works that the artist has made for workers involved in the production; the recent Newspaper (for bathers) works were for the print trades of London’s Fleet Street, and Edits, cuttings (2018), an ongoing series of works on paper comprising images gathered from newspapers, which are washed to release the ink and collaged into new forms. Collectively, they draw connections between publishing, print and the moving image.

Pillows is supported by Creative New Zealand and NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore.

Artist will be featured in the talk Animating Surfaces on 11 January. Please click on link for more details.

Artist Biography
Sonya Lacey is a Wellington-based artist whose practice focuses on forms of communications within spoken, printed, and online scenarios. Click to read more Her works have been shown at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand (2017, 2016), Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art, United Kingdom (2016), and London International Film Festival, United Kingdom (2015). In 2009, she established the collaborative research platform lightreading together with artist Sarah Rose to develop curatorial and publishing projects. Lacey was Artist-in-Residence at NTU CCA Singapore from September to October 2017. Read Less