Topography of Breath (2020)
Performance and photographs,
inkjet print on paper
New commission

Bodies sense, represent and give shape to places. Taking its point of reference from Toh’s interest in the individual body and its lived experience, Topography of Breath is an inquiry into the lived body as a performative event. The work comprises a choreographed movement piece and an installation of 156 self-portraits of the artist’s body, the latter functioning as a corporeal parameter against which a regime of gestures are performed. By working on, with and about the tactile body, Toh seeks strategies beyond the traditional paradigms of narrative in theatre or representational gestures in dance, reducing the human body to raw physical processes of breath, muscularity and movement.

Artist will be performing her work Topography of Breath on Sundays 12 Jan, 19 Jan and 2 Feb at 5:30pm.
There will be a post-performance discussion on the 2 Feb session with performing artist and theatre practitioner Noor Effendy Ibrahim on the use of the body in performance making. Please click on link for more details.

Artist Biography
Pat Toh is a performance maker whose work centres working on and with the body. Click to read more In 2014, Pat was part of Substation Directors Lab where she researched the physicality of fighting. Between 2014-2015, she created Homogenous (Raw Series at Esplanade) and developed it into Terra Incognita for the M1 Fringe Festival. In 2017, she was Substation artist-in-residence and created Sole, a one-on-one massage performance. That same year she choreographed A Map of Scars, Bruises and Broken Bones as part of Substation Discipline the City exhibition. In 2018, she performed The Map at the Indonesia Dance Festival. Currently she is associate member at Dance Nucleus. Read Less