In-Between Configuration (2020)
Portland cement, pins and plywood
New commission
In-Between Configuration is a work arising from the artist’s ongoing engagement with ideas of construction, labour and the ever-changing land(scape) in Singapore. Using familiar building materials like wood, steel and cement, Liyana’s sculptural forms resemble fragments from a work-in-progress building site. What appears like a simple set up is in fact a laborious process of repeated moulding and casting, which lays bare the supporting structures and processes while blurring the distinction between artistic creation and the invisible labour in our everyday lives. There is a constant dialogue between the material forms and the space they inhabit as everything is taken down and remade for each new exhibition site. In so doing, the work not only inscribes itself into existing architectural space but also describes a temporal quality in its making. Working in situ, the artist’s iteration of the piece for Rushes of Time will be created in response to the both the conditions of production and exhibition of the Depot Lane warehouses.
Artist Biography
Liyana Ali is an emerging visual artist based in Singapore. Click to read more Working largely with site-specific installations, her sculptural forms re-examines the material and conceptual relation between cast and mould, extending the investigation of spatial relations into body and architecture. Liyana graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts/Goldsmith University of London with a Master of Arts Fine Arts. She is also the recipient of the Chan-Davies Art Prize for the year of 2019. Read Less