Harbinger (2020)
Reading room, books, paper, monitors, canvas and chalk wall
New commission

Harbinger is a filmic project that seeks to retrace, uncover and respond to the historical narratives of Sino-anarchistic pursuits in early 20th century Singapore and Malaya using appropriated footage from filmic and documentary archives as well as passages from Malayan-Chinese literature (马华文学). For Rushes of Time, the work-in-progress is presented as a ‘reading room’ or 书报社 (translated as ‘a library of books and newspapers’) at the historic National Archives of Singapore building. The artist’s personal archive of films and literature attempts to gather and make available lesser-known or forgotten documents, both real and fictive, of 20th century colonial Malaya. The network of ideas and stories drawn from these materials will play out as a live map, sketched progressively onto a canvas by the artist in the installation space over the period of the exhibition, during which visitors are also invited to contribute. In so doing, the work tries to make sense of the emotions and sentiments of those seeking personal revolution and collective resistance as colonial subjects in a time of social unjust and turbulence.

Artist will be featured in the talk Order and Disorder: Cinema and the Archive on 1 February. Please click on link for more details.

Artist Biography
Toh Hun Ping is a video artist and film researcher based in Singapore. Click to read more His experimental video works express broad themes of resistance, travel, time, loss, and mental instability, and have been presented at international film festivals such as the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, and Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas. Most recently, he presented Dance of a Humble Atheist, his first solo exhibition at Objectifs, Singapore (2019). As a film researcher, Hun Ping is interested in the history of film production in early-mid 20th century Singapore. He runs the Singapore Film Locations Archive. a private video collection of films made in Singapore, and maintains a website about Singapore film locations (sgfilmlocations.com). Read Less