Time Show: Archiving Performance Art in the Singapore Art Archive Project (2020)
Newspapers, digital photographs, cassettes and printed matter

Time Show: Archiving Performance Art in the Singapore Art Archive Project is a work of over 1,000 archival materials relating to Singapore’s performance art history by artist and independent archivist Koh Nguang How. Responding to the National Archives as a site where knowledge and history is produced, Koh proposes how an archive of performance art in Singapore may be organised, displayed and activated. Tracing the artistic representation of the physical body in Singapore’s performance art community from the 1980s onwards, the response is premised on time as a key basis of performance and its passage as seen through durational performances that began with The Artists Village 24-hour continuous performance event The Time Show (1989/90), and led to a series of New Year events such as Body Fields (1991/92) a 12-hour show organised by 5th Passage, and The Artists’ General Assembly (AGA) 12-hour New Year Show (1993/94) and many others. Unfolding through an evolving display of photographs, clippings and printed matter that act as indices to the otherwise intangible and ephemeral field of performance art, the work offers a re-look at the body as medium and demonstrates Koh’s deeper interests towards the registers involved in the presentation and interrogation of performance art in Singapore.

Artist will be featured in the talk A Window into Performance Art History: SAAP Open Studio on 18 January. Please click on link for more details.

Artist Biography
Koh Nguang How’s artistic practice began in 1988 and encompasses photography, collage, installation, performance, documentation, archiving and curating. Click to read more He started to exhibit art archives from 1992 and initiated his Singapore Art Archive Project (SAAP) in 2005; subsequently presented various thematic works and exhibitions under the SAAP. 3rd Singapore Biennale in 2011, residency at the inaugural NTU CCA Residencies at Gillman Barracks in 2014-15 presenting 4 exhibitions under the Singapore Art Archive Project @ Centre for Contemporary Art,including SAAP@CCA, Shui Tit Sing – 100 Years of an Artist through his Archives, Time Show 2015 and Six Decades of Singapore Art Ephemera. He has also presented the The Artists Village Archives in SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now at the National Art Center, Tokyo and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in 2017 and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in 2019. Read Less